Episode 406

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16th Apr 2024

EP 406 Rodrigo Hollanda: Crossfit Dad, Challenge your Kiddos, and Preparing for Life Choices

Rodrigo Hollanda is here discussing his journey from a fitness fanatic to a playful parent. Rodrigo opens up about his philosophy of making fitness a fun and integral part of family life, explaining how challenges can be transformative, profound, and why incorporating them into parenting is crucial for raising resilient children. His unique approach blends rigorous CrossFit routines with the tenderness of fatherhood, revealing how personal growth and parenting can coexist beautifully. Tune in to hear Rodrigo’s secrets to nurturing a loving, energetic family environment where everyone thrives together.





Each week Ned sits down with a dad and asks him to open up his field notes and share with other men who find themselves on the Adventure of Fatherhood.

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Fatherhood Field Notes
Fatherhood Field Notes is where we hear real stories from real men living real lives every week. Fatherhood is not only about being a dad, it incorporates providing and serving a home, loving and serving a spouse, engaging and serving in a community, as well as intentionally serving your children. Fatherhood is an adventure, one full of fun, wild, and messy stories. In this podcast, we will hear stories from real men who have found themselves living the Adventure of Fatherhood. The Craft of Fatherhood episodes are 5-10 minute episodes where your guide Ned Schaut shares stories on his own fatherhood journey.

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